Executive Management Team

Elders’ Senior Executives, led by our Managing Director and CEO, are responsible for day-to-day management of the Company. They are responsible for implementing our strategic objectives, instilling and reinforcing our values, and ensuring we operate within our values, code of conduct, budget and risk appetite set by the Board.

Mark Allison

Managing Director + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Paul Rossiter

Chief Financial Officer + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Peter Hastings

Company Secretary + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Viv Da Ros

Chief Information Officer + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Tom Russo

Executive General Manager Network + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Kiim Lim

Executive General Manager Business Development + more
  • Elders Adelaide

Anna Bennett

Executive General Manager Strategy, Sustainability and Innovation
  • Elders Adelaide

Nick Fazekas

Executive General Manager Rural Products
  • Elders Adelaide

Peter Lourey

Executive General Manager Wholesale
  • Elders Adelaide

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