Killara Feedlot


On the outskirts of Quirindi, New South Wales, lies Killara feedlot, a licensed 20,000-head beef cattle feedlot operated by Elders. 

What we do

Killara Feedlot is a leading supplier of high-quality grain fed cattle to both domestic and international markets. Our products are supplied around the world to premium food markets.

Our feeding programs range from 70 days to 150 days or more.

You may wish to access a copy of the current pricing grid, and cattle specifications: Download your copy >

Sustainability and innovation

Killara Feedlot is strongly committed to supplying high-quality and safe beef products, without compromising sustainability. Sustainability initiatives at Killara are based in both animal and environmental welfare. They include:

  • World-first trials for the early detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease
  • Autogenous vaccine development
  • An antimicrobial stewardship plan, reducing antibiotic use in cattle
  • Development of a 600-kilowatt solar farm
  • An Odour, Dust and Noise Management Plan
  • Establishment of a more sustainable and efficient irrigation system.


Did you know? Elders offers an incentive of up to $30 per head of cattle sold to Killara which have been pre-vaccinated with Bovilis MH+IBR.

Killara Feedlot has implemented an incentive program for cattle pre-vaccinated with Bovilis MH+IBR, designed to help protect the industry from Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).

Vendors can access:

  • A one-shot bonus of $15 per head, or
  • A double-shot bonus of $30 per head.

You will need to fill out a copy of the Pre-Vaccination Declaration and return it to the Killara administration team. This must include vaccination dates and the batch numbers of the product used.

Please note: cattle must be vaccinated a minimum of 14 days prior to delivery to Killara. Two shots must be administered a minimum of 14 days apart and a maximum of six months apart.


Livestock delivery

To advise the delivery of livestock to Killara Feedlot, please click through to complete the form.

Note: Please ensure that your booking has been pre-approved by Elders Killara before completing this form.



For enquiries, please contact the staff at Killara Feedlot. 

Andrew Talbot

General Manager
  • Killara Feedlot

David Barnes

Operations Manager
  • Killara Feedlot

Julie Eastham

Administration Team Leader
  • Killara Feedlot

Kitty Sheridan

Manager of Projects and Innovation
  • Killara Feedlot

Mark Mulligan

Livestock Manager
  • Killara Feedlot

Natalie Eade

Finance and Commercial Manager
  • Killara Feedlot

Scott Bremner

Livestock Procurement Manager
  • Killara Feedlot

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