Stud Stock Services

Preparing your livestock business for this season and beyond.

The right bloodlines and genetics are the foundation of the ongoing success of your livestock enterprise. 

With an unrivalled understanding of the Australian stud stock market, combined with our nation-wide network, our stud stock team has the proven ability to deliver the successful outcomes you seek for your business.

Are you seeking to diversify or expand your herd?

Whether buying or selling, our stud stock sales team will work with you and for you, to find the right traits and genetics that will maximise your investment, helping you towards your goals.

Find a specialist

The right advice

Your local stud stock specialist can tailor programs and provide advice on animal management and improving stud stock performance. 

Never miss an opportunity

Your local stud stock agent can also arrange specialist funding for eligible producers, giving you the financial flexibility you need to make the best stud stock buying decisions.

StudPlus provides access to a limit of up to $200,000 with deferred terms, to purchase stock for breeding purposes including stud and commercial sires, genetics and stud dams.

Protect your livestock in transit

Your livestock are a big investment so it makes sense to cover them while they are in transit. Should they die while in transit to their delivery location you will be compensated for their value.

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