Market Insights


Expert local knowledge backed by data.

Accurate and timely analysis of market trends are an important tool when you’re making decisions for your business. 

Elders Market Insights uncover what’s happening and why, to help farm business owners make better decisions.

Explore the local insights from Elders experts from across the nation, as well as analysis of market indicators and emerging issues. 

Click through to read market updates on cattle, dairy, grain, real estate, sheep, wool and water trading.   


Read the latest in Australian cropping markets as analysed by our Business Intellegence Analyst, Richard Koch. 


Read the latest in sheep markets across Australia, including market indicators and specialist commentary from staff in the field.


Our cattle updates will help you gain an understanding of current cattle markets and pricing across each state. 


Our weekly updates provide information on current pricing and our wool team's commentary from recent sales.


Our monthly water trading updates list recent pricing data and market analysis for water markets across Australia.


Our monthly dairy market update covers farm gate prices, milk production and input costs along with comments from staff in the field.



Real Estate market insights

The Elders Rural Property Update gives you a quarterly, data-backed analysis of the rural property market in Australia. 

We also offer indepth analysis of market trends and what is influencing the market, so you can make informed property investment decisions, whether buying, selling or holding.



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