Dairy Cattle


Improve the performance and production of your dairy cattle.

At Elders we understand the unique needs of Australian dairy farmers.

From animal health and breeding, right through to stocking and selling, our team of experienced, well respected dairy industry professionals, can help you. Trusted locals, they take a hands-on approach to assist you at every stage, helping you to maximise your herd’s potential, grow your business and achieve your goals.

Breeding advice

While the number of dairy farms across Australia has decreased, the average herd size is growing.1

Our dairy specialists can advise you on traits to consider when seeking to expand your herd and assist with genomic testing to ensure you get the best return for your investment.

With connections across Australia, our livestock team can help you source the best breeding stock and assist with sire selection.

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Animal health

As dairy farmers, you’re passionate about your herd and its welfare. You depend on their daily milk production and the health of your animals is vital to their output.

There are many health conditions to which dairy cattle are particularly susceptible and early detection and treatment are vital. Nutritional needs also change with the seasons and life cycle.

Our knowledgeable team will give you the right localised nutritional, animal health and welfare advice you need to ensure your girls are performing at their best. 

They can also advise on farm biosecurity and general business operations and can be relied on for impartial dairy industry knowledge.

Nutrition and health products

We stock all the necessary animal health and nutritional supplement products to keep the girls in tip top condition, including:

  • Drenches, dips, anti-parasitic and vaccines 
  • Lick blocks and supplements
  • Fly repellents
  • Milk replacement and rehydration products. 

Major suppliers include:  Allflex, Boehringer Ingelheim, Coopers, Elanco, Hunter River Co (HRC), Pastoral Ag, Troy, Virbac and Zoetis.

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Selling options

We have the expertise to help achieve your sales targets. We will provide you with the latest sales and market information so you have the insights you need to make an informed choice.

Our nationwide agency network means buying and selling options for your dairy cattle may include auction, private sale, stud and commercial sales, marketing unwanted cows or dispersal. Our international reach offers you the necessary links to continually expand into new markets if required.

Meet the team

Our team of dedicated dairy specialists are located across Australia and have the local knowledge, experience and passion to help you reach your goals.

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