Increase your cropping productivity and maximise your yield, this season and the next.

Technical advice for all seasons

Our team will work with you throughout the whole production cycle to maximise your yield. Contact an Elders agronomist for technical advice on soil preparation, crop health, managing pests and diseases, and more. 

We specialise in

Did you know? You could win a brand new Toyota Landcruiser or one of two Polaris Rangers by purchasing a minimum of 200kg of eligible canola seed* at your local Elders branch. 

Products to maximise your crop

We stock a complete range of summer and winter crop protection products. From insecticides, to herbicides, to fungicides, our products will help ensure your crop or pasture reaches its full potential, maximising your productivity.

We are also a leading supplier of quality fertilisers. Speak with your local Elders branch to unlock access to both traditional and alternative soil and plant nutrition solutions.

We proudly distributes products from key manufacturers and formulators that undertake continuous research and development to ensure high quality sustainable products that meet Australian safety standards.

We stock products from leading local and global suppliers, such as Titan Ag, Bayer, Corteva, FMC, Nufarm, SST, Syngenta, UPL and more.

Our services

Digital Ag Tech

Technology can play a huge role in increasing the profitability of your farming business.

Soil Testing

Our agronomists and soil consultants can help you better understand and manage your soils.

Grain Selling

Set the price you want for your grain through our relationship with Clear Grain Exchange.

Water Trading

Our dedicated team of water brokers can help you trade water and access market insights.

Market Insights

Keep up to date with the industry. Read about the latest news, innovations and pricing reports.

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