Beef Cattle


We can assist you throughout all stages of production to maximise the returns of your beef cattle operation. 

With locations across Australia, our extensive national network of beef industry breeders, buyers and animal health specialists have the proven ability to guide you towards your beef cattle production goals. 

Your local livestock agent will apply their local knowledge and experience, taking a hands-on approach to assist you at every stage, so you can maximise your herd’s potential, grow your business and achieve your goals.

The right bloodlines and genetics

The right bloodlines and genetics are the foundation to the success of your beef cattle operation. Whether you are looking to diversify or expand your herd, our Stud Stock specialists can help you find the right traits and genetics that will maximise your investment. They will tailor advice on stud stock performance and management and work with you to achieve the results you are after. We even have a national Wagyu Production Specialist

Discover how our Stud Stock Services can help you.

Did you know? Elders offers a genomic testing service for commercial cattle, so you can make informed decisions about an animal’s production potential.

Livestock funding

Be prepared for opportunities when they arise with our range of livestock funding options. Whether you are restocking your commercial herd or investing in stud stock, we offer a range of funding options to suit your needs.

With no establishment fees, application is quick and easy and you’ll be dealing with your local branch. 

Animal Health

Our Livestock Production Specialists have the localised knowledge and extensive experience to help you manage the health of your cattle for this generation and the next. We provide trusted advice (free to Elders clients) to improve animal nutrition and maximise the productivity of your enterprise. Services include: 

  • supplementary feed ration and grazing advice
  • parasite and disease control plans
  • reproduction advice to improve conception and marking percentages
  • weaning management
  • farm biosecurity and general business operations
  • Heifers for Profits Program (MLA endorsed and administered by RIST)

Nutrition and health products

We stock the latest range of animal health and nutritional supplement products to keep your herd in prime condition, including:

  • Drenches, dips, anti-parasitic and vaccines 
  • Lick blocks and supplements
  • Fly repellents
  • Milk replacement and rehydration products. 

Major suppliers include:  Allflex, Boehringer Ingelheim, Coopers, Elanco, Hunter River Co (HRC), Pastoral Ag, Troy, Virbac and Zoetis.

Search the range and take advantage of our special offers and bonus deals. 

Elders Feeder Ready Program 

The innovative Elders Feeder Ready Program helps you produce healthier, appropriately prepared cattle, certified ready for feedlots or backgrounding, which can earn you a premium price. 

Livestock Sales

You are in great hands when you sell your cattle with Elders.  Our extensive network gives you the links you need into markets both domestic and international.  With over 300 livestock agents across the country, we can cater our sales techniques to you, whether auction (saleyard or online), private treaty, over-the-hooks, or forward contract if required.

Let our award-winning auctioneers deliver you excellent sales results, followed by the quick and secure payment of your hard-earned proceeds.

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