Information about dividends paid by Elders to our shareholders and our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

Elders pays dividends by direct credit to your nominated account.

Dividend alternatives

Elders has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).  The DRP is a convenient way for you to increase your holding of ordinary shares (Shares) in Elders Limited (Elders) by reinvesting all or part of your interim or final cash dividend entitlements in additional Shares.

You should read the DRP Rules document carefully before deciding whether to participate in the DRP. The document contains information about the DRP, including a copy of the Plan Rules. 

If you elect to participate in the DRP may do so by either:

  • completing the form available on Elders’ share registrar, Boardroom Pty Limited website, and submitting this to them in accordance with the instructions on the form, or
  • for shareholders registered with Boardroom’s online portal, by logging in to the shareholder’s account on Boardroom’s website and completing the electronic election available on that website.

Historic dividend information

DividendTypePayment DateEx Dividend DateRecord DateAmount per ShareFranking RateDRP Issue Price
 2024   Ordinary Interim26 June 202428 May 202429 May 202418 cents50-
2023Ordinary Final20 December 202321 November 202322 November 202323 cents30$7.1987
2023Ordinary Interim22 June 202323 May 202324 May 202323 cents30$6.3897
2022Ordinary Final16 December 202221 November 202222 November 202228 cents30$10.16380
2022Ordinary Interim17 June 202230 May 202231 May 202228 cents30$13.33310
2021Ordinary Final17 December 202122 November 202123 November 202122 cents20$11.31000
2021Ordinary Interim18 June 202124 May 202125 May 202120 cents20$11.16450
2020Ordinary Final18 December 202023 November 202024 November 202013 cents100$10.51310
2020Ordinary Interim19 June 202025 May 202026 May 20209 cents100$9.93460
2019Ordinary Final13 December 201918 November 201919 November 20199 cents100$6.55480
2019Ordinary Interim21 June 201927 May 201928 May 20199 cents100$5.70150
2018Ordinary Final14 December 201819 November 201820 November 20189 cents 100$7.09570
2018Ordinary Interim15 June 201821 May 201822 May 20189 cents100$8.88140
2017Ordinary Final15 December 201720 November 201721 November 20177.5 cents100$6.566
2017Ordinary Special15 December 201720 November 201721 November 20177.5 cents100$6.566
2009Ordinary Interim---NILn/an/a
2008Ordinary Final28 October 200826 September 20082 October 20080.0550100100
2008Ordinary Interim1 April 200811 March 200817 March 20080.0400100$1.76480
2007Ordinary Final24 October 20072 October 20078 October 20070.0550100$1.98370


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