Wool handling


Elders is establishing a world-first, automated wool handling business.

Having handled approximately 350,000 bales of wool in FY22, we continue to adapt and innovate in a changing wool industry, with a key focus on clients and customers.

It is with clients in mind that we are establishing a world-first automated wool handling business, Elders Wool. 

Elders Wool builds on our existing wool offering to bring clients a full end-to-end service, providing a quick and easy delivery experience from your farm gate. The new business aims to improve efficiency and outcomes, to get wool to market faster and providing exceptional service.

A full end-to-end service for producers

Complements our existing wool offering

Utilises latest cutting-edge innovations

Aims to improve sustainability outcomes

The operation will be based around two centralised hubs, in Rockingham, Western Australia and Ravenhall, Victoria, that will be supported by an extensive network of receival centres.

The Rockingham warehouse has officially commenced operations, while the Ravenhall facility will launch in early 2024.

Did you know? We offer a range of Wool Certification Programs that can increase the value of your wool? 
mob of unshorn sheep in the distance on a hill


The wool handling business will aim to mitigate scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions through the use of solar power, renewable energy, LED lighting and energy efficient equipment. 

The Ravenhall facility will move bales using Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), a world-first for the wool industry. AGVs are low-energy self-driving vehicles which use significantly less energy than human-driven forklifts. The AGVs also reduce safety risks to people, and are intended to be powered by on-roof solar.

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