Gain access to vineyard management advice for an increase in productivity and yield.

Our viticulturalists

Our viticultural team is based in grape growing regions across Australia.

Our specialists will work with you throughout the whole production cycle to maximise your yield, through soil preparation, plant nutrition, spray application, and more.

Maximising your vines

We stock a complete range of crop protection products. From insecticides, to herbicides, to fungicides, our products will help ensure your vines reach their full potential, maximising your productivity.

We are also a leading supplier of quality fertilisers. Speak with your local Elders branch to unlock access to both traditional and alternative soil and plant nutrition solutions.

Elders proudly distributes products from key manufacturers and formulators that undertake continuous research and development to ensure high quality sustainable products that meet Australian safety standards.

We stock products from leading local and global suppliers, such as Titan Ag, Bayer, Corteva, FMC, Nufarm, SST, Syngenta, UPL and more!

News & advice

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