Wool in Transit Delivery Warranty

Protecting you against financial loss - from the sheep’s back to the wool store.

Shearing time is in full swing and the bales are filling up. Thanks to Elders’ Wool in Transit Delivery Warranty you’ll be protected against financial loss caused by events outside of your control, from the sheep’s back to the wool store.

What does it cover?

  • wool on the sheep’s back – cover starts when the sheep enter the shearing shed
  • fire – in both your shearing shed and the wool store
  • theft
  • three months on farm storage
  • unlimited duration of cover whilst in wool store
  • transit accident
  • sample grab.

In addition, you can claim up to $20,000 in clean up and disposal costs and up to $20,000 in additional costs incurred while preventing further damage to your wool. 

Please note: vermin and insect damage, depreciation, mildew, mould or temperature damage is not covered. 

How much does it cost?

Wool in Transit Delivery Warranty is a small investment for peace of mind. The warranty fee is calculated as 0.55 per cent of the transaction value, excluding GST. 

For a $1,000 bale of wool, this is works out at just $5.50.

How do I sign up?

You’ll automatically receive protection when you consign your wool with us. 

The warranty costs will be automatically deducted from your transactions and appear on your Elders Trading Account invoice. You don’t need to complete any paperwork. 

Please read and download the wool consignment conditions.  

What if I need to make a claim? 

Simply notify your Elders representative of the damaged wool within 48 hours of an incident. We will calculate damages payable and credit your Elders account.


Need more information?

Talk to your local Wool Specialist to discover how they can help maximise the return of your clip.

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