Gain access to specialist wool production advice, plus a global selling network.

Maximising your clip

Elders can help you make the most out of your wool production.

Certification Programs

Learn about some of the international wool certification programs.

Selling Options

We can help you find the best fit to maximise sales of your wool.

Live Auctions

Wherever you are, you can watch your wool sell live through a video link.

A whole of production cycle approach

Our wool offering starts well before shearing time. 

We provide hands-on advice on improving the quality and quantity of your wool. From classing and ram selection, to reproduction and nutrition, our team of wool specialists will work with you. 


Did you know? Elders is establishing a world-first, automated wool handling business.

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Wool in-Transit Delivery Warranty

Protect your wool against financial loss, between the sheep's back and the wool store.

Wool Cash Advances

Unlock up to 50 per cent of expected wool proceeds up to six months before the wool is sold.

Market Insights

Keep up to date with the industry. Read about the latest news, innovations and wool sales reports, both domestically and internationally.


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