05 JUL 2023

Demonstrating adaptive agriculture practices on the Limestone Coast

Supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, Elders is delivering a pasture variety trial at Struan which incorporates the use of AgTech, biological fertilisers, and soil renovation methods.

Managing the trial site is Elders AgTech Development Officer Andrew Phelan, who explained that the trial will help farmers make informed decisions.

“The trial is allowing Elders to showcase different strategies to local producers who are interested in establishing new pastures” Andrew said.

“We’re trialling pasture monocultures and different mixed species blends that are suited to the Limestone Coast region. We’re also demonstrating two soil renovation methods with the aim of reducing compaction and improving drainage.”

AgTech will play a key role in the trial, which is located on the Bool Lagoon share farm at PIRSA’s Struan Research Centre. Probes have been installed to track and compare soil moisture levels between treatments over time. Pasture growth will be regularly monitored using drone and satellite-based approaches.

“Accurate information helps to objectively assess what’s happening on farm” Andrew said.

“At a farm scale, using AgTech to monitor pasture availability is a great way to optimise rotational grazing. Producers can make informed decisions about how to move livestock around by calculating how much feed is on offer in different paddocks.” 

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This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.