Stud Stock Funding


For your future generations of stock.

Bringing in new bloodlines and genetics is one way to improve future generations of your livestock enterprise. 

Having the financial flexibility to make the best stud stock buying decisions when opportunities arise is just as important.

Introducing StudPlus

Elders’ StudPlus facility gives eligible livestock producers the ability to buy stock now and pay later. 

You can access up to $200,000, with a maximum term of 18 months, to buy stock for breeding purposes. This includes stud and commercial sires, genetics and stud dams.  

Who is eligible?

Livestock producers are eligible to apply.

How it works

Once approved, eligible stud stock purchases will be funded by us. You must obtain our consent (which will not be unreasonably withheld) before purchasing stud livestock funded using StudPlus facility.

In the 18 months immediately following provision of the amount, you must from time to time, engage us as your agent to sell commercial livestock. Repayment of principal and interest will automatically occur from your livestock sale proceeds. The aggregate net value of the sale is at least equal to the amount (plus all accrued interest), and which is free of all security interests and other encumbrances.

Fees and interest

There are no account fees on StudPlus facilities. 

Interest will accrue on the amount at the rate of 12 per cent, per annum, calculated daily and compounded monthly, from the date of purchase until the date the advanced amount (plus all accrued interest) is repaid to us.

Did you know?  We also offer funding for the purchase of commercial sheep and cattle. 

Establishing a facility is quick and easy, and you can deal directly with your local Elders branch.

Ready to apply?

Application is easy. If you meet the above criteria,  simply download the application form and return to your local branch or your Elders livestock agent. 
Please note: you’ll need to supply ID if you haven’t already.

Need more information?

To speak to your local Agribusiness Relationship Manager phone 1300 618 367 or complete an enquiry form to receive a call back. 

Protect your livestock in transit

Your livestock are a big investment so it makes sense to cover them while they are in transit. Should they die while in transit to their delivery location you will be compensated for their value.

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