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For farmers and their communities

Elders recognises that our long-term sustainability depends on us maintaining strong relationships with the communities in which we operate, and ensuring their economic prosperity and resilience.

For over 180 years we’ve been assisting generations of farmers, and rural communities as they continue to face challenges presented by changing agribusiness models, increasing automation and corporatisation of farms, the environmental impacts of climate change.

We do this through:

  • investments in local events and organisations, and by participating in local community programs
  • supporting local businesses and employing local workers
  • maintaining a physical presence in the communities we serve, through good times and bad
  • adapting and providing the goods and services our local customers and clients need at any given time.

$2.05 million in sponsorships and donations

In the past financial year (1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021) Elders donated a total of $2.05 million in sponsorships and donations to over 840 local community sports teams and events.

Graphic showing $2.05 million in sponsorships and donations. 840+ local organisations.
Graphic showing $2.05 million in sponsorships and donations. 840+ local organisations helped.


$898,000 to local communities

Elders supports the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal in their mission to strengthen rural, regional and remote communities.

We also directly support a variety of local community organisations and events, including rural schools, clubs and more than 840 local community sports teams and events.


$717,000 to industry and innovation.

We sponsor initiatives and organisations supporting the agriculture industry at a local and national level. We donated funds to Australian Research Council Research Hub for Smart Fertilisers, established to develop new fertilisers which improve nitrogen efficiency while minimising the environmental impact of productive agriculture. We also continue to support national growers’ associations, industry bodies and several grass roots organisations, with approximately $169,000 directed to local grower groups, town agriculture shows and field days in rural and regional communities across Australia.


$211,000 to sporting teams and events.

Elders backs professional teams that share our values and support local communities. Our sponsorship of the North Queensland Cowboys has enabled the ongoing provision of their ‘Boots for the Bush’ campaign; a program aimed at encouraging participation in sport with the donation and distribution of football boots across rural communities. Our support of the North Melbourne Football Club and New South Wales Country Eagles has helped fund junior football clinics in Tasmania and improve participation in rugby clubs and competitions in country New South Wales.


$183,000 to health and wellbeing.

Elders continues to donate funds to major charitable organisations like the Royal Flying Doctor service (RFDS) and Beyond Blue.

In addition, we support local emergency services and events raising awareness and funding for a variety of health issues.


For more information on these initiatives and how Elders supports local people and business refer to the 2021 Sustainability Report.

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