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Innovation and technology

Our ability to provide our customers with the goods and services they need is critical to Elders’ economic sustainability.

In a constantly changing and challenging environment, this requires investment in and the delivery of innovative technology, and a continual assessment of the platforms we provide to ensure that they are delivering value for our customers.

We continue to support the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies within the agricultural industry through partnerships with AgTech providers, research and development through the Thomas Elder Institute, product development through Titan AG and Hunter River Company and the delivery of agricultural advisory services through our network of agronomists and Thomas Elder Consulting.


Supporting AgTech

We believe that investing in and supporting AgTech is key to helping our customers unlock sustainable farming practices.
A major component of our third Eight Point Plan is the modernisation of our IT and data platforms to invest in best of breed solutions to drive efficiency and improve customer experience to better accommodate change. This will support us in implementing new ways to support our clients and customers to ensure their continued and long-term productivity and profitability.
In the meantime, our dedicated AgTech development officer and AgTech Committee has been established to provide an official forum for:

  • reviewing emerging technology
  • identifying and establishing relationships with suppliers
  • informing and advising staff on new AgTech developments.



Research and development

We proudly support agricultural industry research and development, recognising that the long-term sustainability of the agriculture industry in Australia depends on innovation backed by science, trials and the effective extension of findings to farmers.
Research and development is primarily managed by our Thomas Elder Institute and Elders Plant Genetics.

These functions:

  • partner with government and research institutions, multinational supply partners as well as private enterprises to run industry research and development projects on trial sites across Australia.
  • recruit and develop Elders’ agronomists, including through the Elders Graduate Agronomy Program.



Product development

Titan AG and Hunter River Company invest in research and trial work to support the manufacture and commercialisation of their own agricultural chemicals and animal health products.

We also work with suppliers in researching and evaluating current products and developing new products.

Struan and Kybybolite Best Practice Demonstration Farm


In partnership with Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), Elders is using a research farm based in Struan, South Australia as a “Best Practice Demonstration Farm” to demonstrate the use of new technologies which aim to maximise production efficiency and profitability.

Commercial suppliers of AgTech can express their interest to demonstrate their products. Eligible suppliers and equipment are installed on farm and their performance is benchmarked and on-farm value quantified and documented.

The farm is being run as a commercial wool, lamb, beef and cropping enterprise. Productivity and profitability will be closely monitored and measured to demonstrate how investment in innovation and upgrades can sustainably drive business improvement.

Learn more about Struan and take a virtual tour.


For more information download our full sustainability report.

Download sustainability report.