04 APR 2024

Optimise your flock with Elders Livestock Production Specialists

Last year Richard McInerney sold some of the best lambs his Elders livestock agent has seen, after engaging an Elders livestock production advisor.

Richard McInerney and his family own and operate a mixed farming enterprise in the mid north of South Australia, consisting of sheep, cropping and hay production.  

Richard started working with Livestock Production Manager, Mark Dearing, and Livestock Agent, Tyson Fechner, several years ago, and the results have been outstanding. 

Tyson said he is impressed with some of the results, with Richard’s lambs weighing in an average of eight kilograms heavier than this time last year.  

“It has been amazing to see the development in the stock over the years,” Tyson said.  

“Just through implementing Mark’s programs, it's made a massive difference and ultimately the profit for the client is going to be significantly better.  

“Mark is really well respected in the area, he brings a lot to the table for the clients including parasite and disease control and feeding programs through tailored programs.” 

Richard explained that Mark’s advice has certainly changed the sheep side of his business for the better.  

“We have just found that we are really on top of everything,” he said.  

“You hear about other producers having major issues with worms, or feed issues, and that’s not really a problem for us at the moment, when you’re monitoring your stock constantly and sticking to the processes, it all just sorts itself out. 

“It's so important to us to have our sheep in really good health and Mark’s knowledge has been game changing.” 

Mark explained that he has greatly enjoyed working with Richard, and is so proud to deliver results for him and his business.  

“Tyson took me to see Richard and after seeing how keen he was to improve his sheep production enterprise, I was keen to get on board,” Mark said.  

“We sat down and put together a plan and over the last couple of years we’ve really lifted the quality and production of his stock. Richard, Tyson and I all work really well together. We act proactively, planning ahead and preparing for all the life-cycle events, so nothing catches us by surprise.” 

Richard said that working with both Tyson and Mark highlights the strength of the Elders livestock network of support and that this is what contributes to driving better results.  

“It has been great to have Tyson come on board as a young guy having a go, and he's been really good; he is dedicated and willing to learn,” Richard said. 

“The great part about this arrangement is that Mark is able to take care of the nutritional side, and animal health programs that we set up at various times of the year, and then Tyson's got his finger on the pulse with all the markets and advice on that side of the process.” 

Mark said he feels this integrated approach is the key to success with his clients.

“The key to success is that we are able to work together – the livestock production advisors hand in hand with the stock agents,” Mark said.

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