27 MAY 2024

Five minutes with Alicia Connor

Up-and-coming livestock agent Alicia Connor has gone from strength to strength in her role at Elders Emms Mooney. Learn about her journey as she looks to build up her client base.  

Alicia Connor grew up on her family’s farm in New South Wales, and as such, agriculture has always been a big part of her life. 

After finishing school in 2020, she moved into a full-time role with Elders Emms Mooney, working closely alongside established agents. 

Now, as a fully-fledged agent in her own right, Alicia spends her days at local saleyards preparing livestock for sale. 

“I help with all the prep work, including drafting and mouthing, and then on sale days I do the book work,” she said.

“If I am not at saleyard, you can find me on property, helping clients draft, performing lab work for sales, assessing stock for AuctionsPlus or weighing them for private sales. 

“One of the things I love the most about my role is the diversity, you are never doing the same thing. There are just so many opportunities to grow and develop here.” 

Alicia values her clients’ experience and is dedicated to relaying effective and timely information about the livestock market. 

“I watch the prices closely, so I can accurately price their stock without any surprises,” she said. 

“It also helps that I began my role by gaining experience in the office, so I know the ins and outs of our systems and databases.

“This helps me provide an added layer of support, should they have any technical system questions or those relating to LPA and MLA.”

A highlight of Alicia’s career so far would be gaining her AuctionsPlus certification. 

“Previously I needed support when accessing stock, but now I am certified to do this independently, after gaining my AuctionsPlus certification” she said. 

“I am really proud that I have now worked my way up to having my own clients, and I look forward to building my business further into the future.”

Alicia credits the valuable guidance of her mentors for laying a strong foundation in her career.

“I had great mentors in Ben Emms and Liam Murphy from the get-go,” she said.

“They both really took me under their wing, taking me out into the field and pretty much showing me everything I know.”

As she begins to build up her own client base, Alicia looks forward to the endless possibilities working at Elders Emms Mooney brings.

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