07 DEC 2023

Five minutes with Makaylah Lester and Chloe McFarlane

Makaylah Lester and Chloe McFarlane are Tasmania’s first female livestock trainees – learn about their journey and where they see themselves going next. 

two_elders_female_staf_standing_in_front_of_elders_sign L-R Makaylah Lester and Chloe McFarlane pictured in the saleyards.

Makaylah and Chloe both hail from farming properties in Tasmania, and now, they are taking the state’s livestock sector by storm, training to be the next top agents through Elders’ Livestock Career Development Program.  

It’s a move Makaylah said was her perfect next step, after finding her feet as a station hand post school, and then starting to help out with Elders weaner sales.  

“I have always been set on working in the agriculture industry,” Makaylah said. 

“The livestock traineeship has been an exciting way to work within and learn the livestock facet of the business. The chance to learn new skills and develop a greater understanding of the livestock markets has been incredibly valuable.” 

Chloe echoed Makaylah’s sentiment, explaining that the program has provided a great starting point for her career in agency. 

“When the traineeship popped up it was the opportunity I had been waiting for, and it has been the perfect start to my career in the livestock industry,” Chloe said. 

“I am so grateful that Elders has been able to provide me with this opportunity. I have made so many connections already and learnt about so many different aspects of the company, and not just in livestock.” 

In the program, Makaylah and Chloe have had the opportunity to learn the role of a livestock agent, through personalised rotations and mentoring.  

Makaylah has since gone from strength to strength, gaining her Level 3 AuctionsPlus accreditation, and even topping a list of weekly AuctionsPlus cattle assessors in October. In the future, Makaylah said she is keen to continue to focus on being the best possible agent for her clients. 

“I am always seeking opportunities to learn and further develop my understanding of livestock and all influencing factors,” she said. 

“In the next few years, I hope to expand my knowledge in the livestock advisory component so that I can be a greater asset to the clients that I work with.” 

Chloe, who has also shown great promise as an up-and-coming agent, said the program has enabled her to set goals for her career moving forward. 

“My main goal is to set up a strong client base and work closely with those clients to get the best possible results for them,” she said. 

“I would also like to start expanding my knowledge not only in livestock, but in pastures and animal management so that I can provide clients with more holistic advice and information, to help them get the most out of their livestock.” 

The highly-sought after program is known for producing some of Australia’s best livestock agents.

Makaylah Lester

Livestock Agent
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Chloe McFarlane

Livestock Agent
  • Elders Launceston
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