10 NOV 2022

Production advice to meet growing demand

In a world with growing global population and demand for protein, the Australian red meat industry continues to deliver produce of quantity and quality.
Mark Dearing

The engine room of this supply chain is the Australian farming community, which must endure the ongoing challenges of tough environmental conditions and global market pressures, as well as the extreme effects of droughts, fires and floods. Despite such challenges, Australian agriculture continues to grow its output and rise to the challenge of contributing to the global food supply chain. This responsibility weighs on many farming families and puts pressure on future generations.

More intense focus on animal welfare and protection of the environment adds to an already tall order. With the backing of research and development, modern technology and irrepressible Aussie spirit, it’s a challenge that’s being taken up on a daily basis by farming families who never fail to amaze me with their resilience and ability to deliver!

In my view, at the heart of the challenge to meet production demand is Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE). FCE measures our success at growing a more saleable product, whether it be meat, milk, wool or progeny, from every mouthful of feed, or quantity of input.

This is where an Elders Livestock Production Specialist can play an important role.

The industry has done such a great job in genetic development but if we do not meet the demands of our better designed animals now, then we won’t meet genetic potential, which in turn, does not maximise FCE. Animal health and nutrition is a space that is advancing every day and Elders is at the forefront to better support our livestock and wool clients with the Livestock Production arm of our business.

A Livestock Production Specialist can maximise productivity by implementing smart parasite and disease management, analysing feed quality and quantity, assessing stock condition and requirements and wrapping it all together in easy-to-follow programs to ensure targets are met at the most efficient rate.

The Elders Livestock Production Specialists are a team of motivated individuals that thrive on collecting information from the industry on best practice, then parting with that information with their valued customers to improve outcomes on-farm.

To increase kilograms of beef, lamb or wool, on less feed, I would encourage you to start a conversation with your local Elders Livestock Production Specialist today.

And to all the Aussie farming families out there, thanks for your all your hard work. Elders remains here to support you.

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Mark Dearing

Livestock Production Specialist
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