SA Stud Stock Manager

Tony Wetherall

Tony is the Stud Stock Manager for South Australia. He started his career with Elders back in the 1970s in his hometown of Loxton and has spent most of his Elders career in Stud Stock. He is also an accredited Auctioneer.

Tony joined the Stud Stock Team in 1986 and had the privilege of selling the world record merino ram from Collinsville in 1989 for $450,000.

Tony enjoys working with stud breeders of all breeds, supporting them as an individual and also as a part of the wider Elders network, in helping them market, promote and sell their livestock.

Working with different breeds all over the state with means no days are the same. This has given Tony the opportunity to get to know stud and commercial breeders from all parts of the state, as well as interstate. Interestingly, different climates require different traits from breeders and understanding those differences is a great tool to have.

Being in the industry for more than 40 years, Tony has seen many changes with breeds and the type within breeds, as stud breeders adapt to commercial and consumer demands. The style of animals bred today will continue to change as market forces and technologies develop into the future.

Although Tony enjoys working with all breeds, he believes his strength would be his work with Merinos.