National Carbon Farming Technical Manager

Thakur Bhattarai

Thakur commenced with Elders in 2022 and is the National Carbon Farming Technical Manager with Thomas Elder Sustainable Agriculture (TESA). While based in Rockhampton, his role takes him nationwide.

He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Carbon Farming and ecosystems services (measurement of soil and vegetation carbon) from CQUniversity Australia. He also holds a Master of Sciences in Natural Resource Management (GIS and Remote Sensing) from Cranfield University, UK and a Bachelor of Sciences in Forestry (Major: Agro-forestry, Bioengineering, Soil Science and Conservation and forest Management). 

Thakur has over 20 years of professional and research experience with industry partners, governments, research institutions and farming communities around soil C accounting, soil health monitoring, carbon farming initiatives and methods, practice changes to increase SOC (soil organic carbon) levels in soils and vegetation C.

He has extensive knowledge and experience on developing and using different tools and techniques for the assessment of land use conditions and carbon status. He has established and implemented more than a dozen ERF carbon demonstration projects under the ERF Scheme (now ACCU Scheme). 

Thakur enjoys exploring new ideas, practices and innovation in sustainable agriculture, particularly soil health, emission reductions, adapting climate change and its implication on agriculture, productivity and people’s livelihood.

In his spare time Thakur enjoys sports, reading and writing.