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Five compelling reasons to weigh cattle this autumn

As autumn sets in, and daylight hours become shorter, now is the time to prepare your livestock for the upcoming winter to ensure they maintain…

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The Power of Data on a new level, individual animal data – everyday

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing products collect individual animal data to give producers power on a whole new level. Data on every individual animal means…

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Revolutionary Remote Walk Over Weighing delivers individual animal weights from the paddock

A remote walkover and drafting system has saved the Salter family a labour unit and rewarded the Dalby farmers with low-stress handling and better performance…

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Gallagher animal performance software

Gallagher Animal Performance Software is sending on-farm decision making sky high with a new cloud-based solution. This month, Gallagher releases the latest addition to their…

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Elders decommissions apps to cater for changing tech climate in agriculture

As technology evolves, so do the needs of our farming customers. Elders’ priority is to provide solutions and agricultural advice that drives productivity and profitability…

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New Elders partnership in robotics

In an exciting development that may change the shape of Australian agriculture, Elders has partnered with SwarmFarm Robotics to develop robotic technology for use in…

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Parkes technology site brings global insights to local farmers

Local farmers will receive the latest in global crop research and technology insights with the launch of the Elders technology demonstration site at Parkes.

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