01 DEC 2022

Parachute® and Exirel® - a perfect match?

FMC’s latest paraffinic oil for cotton, Parachute®, is the perfect match for Exirel®, the relaunched insecticide for cotton.

Exirel® is registered in cotton against silverleaf whitefly (SLW), cotton aphid (suppression) and Helicoverpa spp. It has some contact and systemic activity, but its main action is translaminar.

Exirel® is selective to key beneficial insects which play a vital role in integrated pest management (IPM).

Parachute®, an nC27 paraffinic spray oil with hyper spreading capabilities, has registered label claims for use in cotton that almost entirely overlap those of Exirel® – against silverleaf whitefly, cotton aphids, Helicoverpa spp. and green mirids.

The hyper spreading and intimate cuticle contact promoted by Parachute® provide ideal assistance for translaminar activity.

And, as a paraffinic oil, Parachute® is also very IPM compliant.

Rotation the key to resistance

With levels of resistance to silverleaf whitefly being detected to pyriproxyfen and spirotetramat in Australia, rotation of insecticide options is always needed.

But pleasingly, as an insecticide with a physical mode-of action, the likelihood of a pest developing resistance to Parachute® is extremely low.

A SLW strategy using Exirel® and Parachute® might involve early season applications of Parachute®, when other chemical applications are being made, to dampen population growth dynamics.

Good target coverage is a key requirement for effective paraffinic oil performance. Parachute®’s advanced formulation provides the nC27 paraffinic oil with the ability to spread over foliage rapidly, extensively, and evenly. Following that spreading, investigations have shown that Parachute® oil settles rapidly into the cuticle of the leaf.

Later in the season, when plants are larger, and if the SLW population reaches more threatening levels, Exirel® can be included in the mix with Parachute®. Simultaneous suppression of Aphids and control of Helicoverpa spp present will occur.

All of which make Exirel® and Parachute® ideal tank mix partners. They control or suppress the same pests, they are IPM conforming, they break reliance on long established chemistries, and Parachute® can act as spreading adjuvant and in-tank resistance management for Exirel®.

This article was written by Elders supplier FMC for Seasons magazine.

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