AgTech Development Officer

Andrew Phelan

Andrew (Andy) commenced with Elders in 2021 and is an AgTech Development Officer with Thomas Elder Sustainable Agriculture (TESA). While based at Naracoorte in South Australia, Andy's role takes him nationwide. 

Andy was born and raised on a farm in western Victoria so was naturally drawn to a career in agriculture. He worked at Agriculture Victoria for 20 years, working his way up to becoming a senior technical officer.  During this time he was exposed to all manner of technology, used as part of reaching research goals. 

In 2021 Andy moved to Elders as the AgTech Development Officer, in an effort to understand the commercial side of agricultural technologies and where they fit in the agricultural landscape. 

Andy thinks the best part of his job is when a new company comes to us with a new idea on how they can solve a problem and everything about the solution and its application just feels right.

In his spare time Andy enjoys getting outdoors - camping, working on his farm or just relaxing on the beach. He also enjoys spending time with hs family and is an active member of his local community.